The U-trace®

The U-trace® : Urban Tracked Air Cushion Equipment, is a mass ground transportation vehicle which is part of the contactless family. This group gathers vehicles which are not in contact with their tracks.


With a broad operational spectrum, Its high efficiency linear motor allows high commercial speeds ranging from 50km/h up to 100/120 km/h.


Ultra Light

Designed and built as an aircraft, the U-trace offers an impressive 130 / 150 kg payload ratio vehicle weight versus passenger weight.



The U-trace®, such as trains or trams, is a guided transport vehicle. However, the lightweight aerial track frees floor space for the benefit of human activities, the living environment.


Air Cushion

Unlike magnetic levitation trains, the U-trace® uses a levitation system of air cushion. With this technology the distribution of mass is over the entire track surface. This approach allows the design of a lightweight and extremely inexpensive infrastructure.


The U-Trace is an urban equipment which goes far beyond the transport functionality. Une approche «additionnelle » se substitue un investissement qui fonctionne en synergie avec son environnement urbain


The Fultrace® offers :

· The flexibility of the metro

· The speed of shuttle systems which are commonly used, for example, to serve airports.

· A minimal infrastructural cost compared to the services which are offered.

· An infrastructure that frees up urban spaces for new activities.

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