The project in details

The X-Trace® offers a comprehensive answer to the market needs. Our system presents a major reduction in infrastructural and operational costs that are common on urban and suburban transportation systems. Our strategy position us at the heart of several segments of land passenger transport systems with two platforms where our competitors multiply them. The X-Trace® project addresses the issue of land mass transport passengers at an angle away from conventional responses.

Highlighting 50 years of European know-how in high speed mass ground transportation, the X-Trace® project integrates duly validated technologies that already exist in a completely new and extremely competitive vehicle system.

The advantages are :


-          Reduced infrastructural costs resilient to ground topography and environment

-          A contactless system that leads to very low maintenance costs

-          Few mobile parts in a lightweight vehicle, for low maintenance costs

-          A high efficiency Linear Motor Drive

-          Low operational costs, and therefore low cost tickets

-         Debt under control as the system is cost-effective

-          Polyvalent infrastructure, able to handle several activities such as power generation and distribution of information, and which could act as a photovoltaic generator


Above facts allowed us to catch the interest, among others, of Brazilian authorities. Today, the X-trace® project is seen as a valid and appropriate answer to Brazil's development needs in infrastructure. Following a number of presentations, TACV is producing studies along with a full scaled technology demonstrator.

TACV ENGINEERING France has the task of gathering and coordinating European industries. Building on Brazil's economic strength, TACV takes the best of these two nations and opens their doors to a vaste and profitable market. .



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