An efficient infrastructure

U-TRACE : For urban areas

20-25 Million Euros Kilometre double track. From 100,000 to more than 200,000 passengers a day ...

The U-Trace offers an exceptional cost / benefit ratio by providing the service of a lightweight rail system at the same infrastructural cost requested by a simple Tramway.

Thanks to the track design and to the manufacturing techniques used, the cost of the track is much lower than for a traditional railway structure.

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FULTRACE : For extra-urban areas

Thanks to an efficient design, and latest civil engineering methods, infrastructure costs are much lower than on traditional high speed railway structures.

  • Lightweight, costs, strength and durability are made possible thanks to the use of new generation materials and methods (composite materials, Metakaolin, Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete...)
  • Pre-casted concrete modules allow a quick construction of the infrastructure, and saves costs on site.



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