The Fultrace®

The Fultrace® : Fast Ultra Light Tracked Air Cushion Equipment, is a mass ground transportation vehicle which is part of the contactless family. This group gathers vehicles which are not in contact with their tracks.

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Its high efficiency linear motor allows high commercial speeds ranging 200km/h up to 350 km/h.


Ultra Light

Designed and built as an aircraft, Fultrace offers an impressive 200 kg / 130 kg ratio vehicle versus passenger (against more than 600 kg for a regular high speed train).


The Fultrace®, is a tracked transportation system. The vehicle, levitated on a air cushion, rides on a inverted "T" shaped track. Beyond exceptional ridership comfort quality, such a design does not allow "by nature" any derailment.

Air Cushion

Unlike maglev, the Fultrace is an high speed train levitated on Bertin air cushions. This technology allows vehicle mass to be evenly distributed on its track. As a consequence, lightweight and extremely low costs infrastructures can be deployed.


The Fultrace®, despite its numerous advantages, is only an equipment. What makes the strength of the Fultrace®, is its global approach behind the vehicle itself. Fultrace offers a new field of opportunities in terms of business, nature preservation, social wellness, out of the range of 20th century mass transportation systems.

The Fultrace® offers :

  • Flexibility of intercity and regional trains.
  • Speed of high speed trains.
  • Limited infrastructure costs.
  • A new management tool for urban development and individual mobility.
  • A new field of innovative options for nationwide development.

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