About the project

X-Trace® :

X-Trace® is a Franco-Brazilian business initiative launched in 2007.

The purpose of the project is to promote a new technological response to sub urban and interurban travels.

Whereas the innovative nature of the project, the X-trace® team started to assess the ability to properly address the needs of trains operators and investors in land transportation system.

View the positive results obtained, we created in 2013 a first business entity called TACV DESENVOLVIMENTO DE SISTEMAS DE TRANSPORTE LTDA.

Later in order to complete the manage the gathering of required technologies for the vehicle, the X-Trace® French branch, was created in VERSAILLES in 2014 under the name TACV ENGINEERING FRANCE.


TACV has presented the FULTRACE® at the MAFLEV CONFERENCE held in Rio de Janeiro in September 2014.
On the 3rd October, in SAO PAULO, X-TRACE® was officially presented to authorities and entrepreneurs. Collected feedbacks allowed us to confirm the validity of the venture.

Today X-Trace® ® is clearly part of technologies panel considered by Brazilian authorities in terms of public mobility.

TACV is now able to offer a wide new field of opportunities to industrials and entrepreneurs.

TACV DESENVOLVIMENTO DE SISTEMAS DE TRANSPORTE LTDA et TACV ENGINEERING France has created a complete business ecosystem. This environment is now ready to welcome industrials with guaranteed short/middle termed business development.


  • TO GATHER experts on each of the system element.
  • TO ANIMATE AND COORDINATE technologies integration works.
  • TO MERGE final owner expectations and needs with the Fultrace® technology.
  • TO SALE X-TRACE® systems sharing the revenues and developments with consortium members.
Partners , Investors Welcome on board X-TRACE® !



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